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Bold Abundance

with Melyssa Griffin

Scale your online business with soul. Become an authentic leader. Expand beyond what you think is possible.

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A curated incubator of conscious entrepreneurs – just like you.

There comes a point when throwing spaghetti at the wall is no longer a viable business tactic. You know that with the right guidance and community, your business would take off…but where to start? 

Not to mention, you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re getting in your own way and your mindset is holding you back from the kind of success you crave. Luckily, you’re not alone!

That’s why we take a holistic approach to helping online entrepreneurs achieve rapid business growth by giving you both the rock-solid business advice combined with transformational personal development work AND a community of like-minded entrepreneurs cheering you on the entire time.

One of our members said it best: “Humans take on the collective attitude of those around them.” And when the collective attitude is all about possibility, abundance, collaboration, and getting to your next level with joy and ease, then guess who you become in the process? (Yeah, it’s pretty magical how quickly your whole life shifts!)

Our Mastermind members are…


Entrepreneurs earning between $30,000 – $250,000 per year – We’ll make sure you have the crucial foundation + strategies to grow a highly scalable business that doesn’t totally depend on you or slowly eat away your personal life.


Online Course Teachers, Service Providers, and Content Creators – Basically, if you create value for people online, you’re probably perfect for this program.

Believers, Not Sleazers – Our members are not interested in manipulative, icky business practices that sell something they don’t really care about. Nope. They believe in what they sell and genuinely care about their clients and customers.
Action-Takers – They commit to their goals and stay accountable, even when it means stretching their comfort zone and trying new things. (If accountability has been a challenge for you in the past, but you’re willing to commit for real, then this mastermind can help.)
Open to Personal Growth – It’s true that entrepreneurship is a crash course in personal development. Our members want the practical business strategies to scale with ease, but are also eager to expand their inner work and live a conscious, abundant life.
Ready for More Ease – This mastermind isn’t about maintaining the status quo. It’s for entrepreneurs who are ready to stop hustling so much and create processes and systems that allow them to run their business with more ease and less stress.

What got you here won’t get you there. If you want to scale your business and life beyond where you currently stand, you need guidance that invites you to your next level.

This mastermind is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their revenue, community, impact, and SELF in a massive way – all while feeling aligned with their work and empowered to be the leader they were born to be. If that’s not you, no worries. I don’t love you any less. 🙂 This simply isn’t the best fit for you right now.

Beck Ray

Writer, speaker, and clinical psychologist

“The Bold Abundance Mastermind has not only transformed my business, but in doing so, transformed my life. I’m now fluent in the language of possibilities! In 6 months, I was able to create 2 evergreen funnels, finish writing a book, hired a team, AND took days off, all while financially supporting my family for the first time.”

Let’s be honest about why you’re here.

You didn’t build this business just so you can feel like you’re working an exhausting corporate job with a relentless schedule.

You built your business because you want to make a difference and enjoy the freedom, creativity, and empowerment that entrepreneurship can bring.

…But at this stage, you have more questions than answers.

You see the VISION for your business (and it excites you beyond belief), but it’s hard to see the concrete steps that will get you from here to where you want to go.

Not to mention, you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and maybe even burnt out from being too “in the weeds” in your business, instead of allowing yourself to be the visionary of your company.


Maybe you’ve haven’t yet hired any team members (or you tried, and it was a miserable experience), so the bulk of the work still has to fall on your shoulders if it’s going to get done well (or at all).


Or maybe you haven’t been able to figure out how to create consistent revenue using evergreen sales funnels and Facebook ads, which you know would make life easier (and more profitable).


Or maybe you need help deciding which new products and services would help you scale quickest, or in which order to create them.


Or perhaps every time you try to make progress, you drag yourself down with heavy resistance and procrastination.


Or it could even be that you just have too much information – too many tactics, strategies, and ideas – to choose from, and you’re not sure which are the best for YOU .

And on top of all that…
You’re the bottleneck.
*GASP….it was you all along!*

If you have a team, everyone is constantly waiting on you for something – a new piece of content, a decision, instructions, approval, or even something as simple as updating a password.

If you don’t have a team yet, then all of those things plus even more pile up.

So every few months, you look up and realize you haven’t made progress on any of the big, bold ideas you were so excited about earlier in the year.

You see the vision of where your business could go… but it feels like you’ll never get there unless there are 10 of you.

Turns out, you’re not alone.

Ashley Greeno
Adoption Educator and
Bakery Owner
Lauren Spigelmyer
Behavioral Therapist
and Professor

Most of my mastermind members want to…


Craft a suite of scalable offerings, including creating passive income through online courses and digital products.


Grow their audience and email list, so those offerings don’t just collect a layer of digital dust.


Create systems that help them scale their business with ease and efficiency.


Grow a rockstar team they can depend on so that they can finally be the visionary and leader of their company (instead of an overworked employee).


Connect with other ambitious, soul-centered business owners because they’re tired of being the most committed person in their current entrepreneurial circle.

And most of all, they want a business that can make a massive impact and help the world in a profound and lasting way…all while working less and enjoying life more.
Caley Dimmock
Dimmock Creative Group Inc.
“I had been looking to take my business to the next level for a couple years now as I had been stuck in the same spot and couldn’t figure out why. But low and behold, because of the Mastermind, the program more than paid for itself, I increased my income within months of joining, and I now have invaluable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs around the world, who are at the same place in their journey as I am. I’m so glad I signed up and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to take their business, mindset, and network to the next level.”

So what’s stopping them – and you – from having already done all that?

Yes, actual business and marketing strategies are key. (And I LOVEEE teaching my mastermind members all the nitty gritty tactics that have helped me earn nearly $10 million from my business over the last 5 years.)

But the biggest thing I’ve discovered (and experienced myself) that makes this kind of exponential growth possible is shedding the limiting beliefs and identities you’ve been clinging to…and stepping fully into the bold, empowered leader you were meant to be.

What do I mean by that?

It’s all about stepping into the role of the VISIONARY for your business.

As the Visionary, your job is to come up with the vision and strategy for your company – and to leave the “doing” and the nitty gritty details to your team.

Making this shift isn’t easy. Not by a long shot.

That’s why I believe so deeply in having a coach, guide, or mentor who has done it herself, and who has helped others do it, too.

It’s also why I believe that surrounding yourself with a community of other ambitious business owners going through this same transformation is crucial.

And this is exactly why I created the Bold Abundance Mastermind.

Kate Borsato

Therapist and Writer

“When I joined this program, I was honestly a little terrified. But part of me knew that this mastermind (and working with Melyssa) was the most important investment I could make. And now as I’m on the other side, I can look back on this year and see exactly how this program is completely transforming my business. The incredibly generous library of tools and trainings blew my mind, but on an even deeper level, I feel like I flipped the script on ideas about myself and my business that were holding me back. Since joining this program, I feel grounded and also boundless in what I can create.”
Bai-Leigh Chapman

Founder, Valley Virtual Assistants

“The Bold Abundance Mastermind was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level.

The program has been incredible from start to finish. Melyssa and the other coaches are incredible at what they do and have helped me realize and accomplish things within myself and my business I never dreamed of.

I have left with not only the knowledge to reach my goals but also some amazing friends, incredible mentorship and an experience that will last a lifetime.

The Bold Abundance Mastermind is a one of a kind mastermind and if you’re on the fence my advice is to take the leap – you won’t regret it.”

Julie Wilhite
Photographer and Educator
“In the crazy times of 2020, the Bold Abundance Mastermind helped me SO much. I created my first course after a year of procrastination, and was supported by a group of incredibly talented, motivated business owners that gave me accountability + motivation to keep moving forward with my dreams. I’m incredibly grateful for this experience and want to be a part of it every year!”

Bold Abundance

with Melyssa Griffin

How it works + what you get…

It’s designed to give you that all-powerful combination of:


Rock Solid Business Strategy


Deep Personal Awareness and Expansion


Core Community

We keep you on track consistently throughout the year and give you periodic infusions of motivation and inspiration.

My biggest goal for you is that you’re able to see the incredible amount of possibility that’s available to you at all times.

Instead of lack, or fear, or “I don’t know how” – your reality becomes, “Of course I can do this! Why not me?”
Each month, you get…


Melyssa Griffin

This is where the consistent growth happens. Not only will you learn high-level business strategies – I’ll also be helping you plan out each quarter to ensure you hit your goals, make powerful decisions, craft your scalable offers and systems, step into the role of Visionary, and coach you through whatever challenges come up along the way.

Plus, you’ll also be supported by my team of experts…

Each month, you’ll get bonus coaching calls that you can attend as-needed on everything from how to hire a team to how to break through the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from stepping into your next level of leadership and authenticity. The amount of support you’ll receive on these calls will And if you can’t personally attend all of the coaching calls, a member of your team can attend instead!

Operations Coach


Kat Herro

Need guidance on organizing your business, managing and hiring your team, or setting up systems? Kat is the magical wizard behind the scenes of my business. She is the #1 reason I’m able to step away from my business and not have it all come crashing down. In your group calls with her, she’ll teach you everything she knows and give you personalized guidance for your own unique situation, especially regarding hiring a team and creating automated systems.

Sales Funnel Coach


Micah Nicole

Micah is an absolute funnel maven. She’s obsessed with elevating the way female founders market, launch, and deliver their programs. She specializes in high-end automated launch funnels and organic visibility strategies for experts who crave serious, organic, and automated growth. In your group calls with her, she’ll teach you everything you need to know about rocking your evergreen funnels and she’ll even be able to provide direct feedback about your funnels as you get them out into the world.

Facebook Ads Coach


Lorell Lane

Lorell is a total badass when it comes to running Facebook Ad campaigns that lead to profit. She’s a former sales executive and managed 10 million dollar ad budgets, and decided to flip the script on her life and built her own 7-figure business after leaving corporate. She’s all about looking at Facebook Ads through the lens of scaling. On your monthly coaching calls with Lorell, you’ll get to learn all about how to run a successful campaign as well as have your direct questions answered about your specific ads.

Mindset Coach


Gavin Frye

I’ve worked with more than 10 personal coaches over the past few years (I absolutely LOVE personal growth) and have invested tens of thousands of dollars into coaching. I can tell you with certainty: Gavin is one of the best there is. On this monthly call, he’ll help you dig into the limiting beliefs and old programming that’s keeping you small so that you can stop getting in your own way and run your business from a deeply aligned, empowered place.
“The program has been incredible from start to finish. Gavin is incredible at what he does and have helped me realize things within myself and my business I never dreamed of.”
– Bai Leigh Chapman
“Working with Gavin has been an absolutely incredible experience. That man is a genius. He cracks me up and transforms my experience in equal measure.”
– Beck Ray
Copy + Messaging Coach

MONTHLY GROUP COACHING CALL WITH a copy + messaging coach,

Aleia Walker

Meet Aleia, our amazing copy and messaging coach who helps creatives turned educators create marketing strategies for their digital products. She is a wizard when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of how you message your brand for success. Not only is Aleia an amazing copywriter (and yes, she can give you feedback on your copy!), but she also just GETS branding and messaging, and will make sure your business is attracting the right people with your content and products. Aleia’s found a way to blend her love of words and tech skills to create experiences that move customers and clients into action (aka cha-ching.) And that equals profits in your pockets so you can spend more time serving your people, building your dream business, and your dream life.

Mindset Coach

MONTHLY GROUP COACHING CALL WITH a mindset coach for creatives,

Ivirlei Brookes

Ivirlei is a mindset coach for creatives and a master at supporting creatives and entrepreneurs create their dream life. She’s been a professional coach for 10 years, and has gone through many personal transformations that she teaches our mastermind students. She’s incredibly passionate about using her voice and experience to help thinkers and creators build thriving businesses, master their mindset, and nurture their creative spirit. On your monthly calls with Ivirlei, you’ll be able to address limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating your dream life and business, all while learning to use your voice to step into a true leadership role in your business.

On top of the monthly group calls, you also get…

2 Live Retreats

These retreats will help you make quantum leaps in your growth and what you believe is possible for you, your business, and your life. We’ll not only focus on the strategies and systems behind scaling a successful online business, but we’ll also be rewiring you as the CEO of your company so that you can truly step into your power in a profound and lasting way. Plus, we are ALL about creating spaces that feel inclusive and empowering, not competitive or exclusive, so you’ll walk away with deep, lifelong friendships. These retreats are unlike any business event you’ve ever been to!

Depending on social distancing guidelines, one or both of these retreats will be virtual. Trust that we know how to party and create tremendous value and connection, whether virtually or in-person. You won’t be missing out on strategy or community, even if our retreats take on a virtual format — and hey, you’ll save on hotel and airfare costs, too! Woo!

On-demand coaching + community inside our private Slack channel

This is unlike any other Slack channel you’ve ever been a part of because it is limited solely to the small, curated community in this mastermind. You can ask questions, share celebrations, get feedback, and soak up inspiration (and courage) from other members who will be growing in leaps and bounds right alongside you. Plus, our coaches and experts are inside the channel, ready to answer your specific questions about everything from creating evergreen funnels and writing sales emails to mindset and hiring your team. We’re here to serve you in the biggest way possible!

Jill Pavich

Educator and Online
Course Creator
“Taking part in the Bold Abundance Mastermind has helped me recognize how truly limitless I am. Our close-knit community makes me feel seen, loved, and supported, and the memories and breakthroughs I had at our in-person retreat are ones I will truly *never* forget! Melyssa is one of the wisest, warmest souls I’ve ever met…her guidance has left an indelible mark on my life and my business!”
Emma Hicks
Founder, Camp Climb

“I am coming out of this experience with a wealth of knowledge, resources and deeper connection to myself and higher power. Being held in this space during the first half of 2020 gave me the confidence to continue serving at my highest potential to my own community and remain intuitively confident as I put one put in front of another on this conscious climb!”

Mariah Althoff
Graphic designer
“The Bold Abundance Mastermind has provided me with the most caring and encouraging community of entrepreneurs and has given me new friendships that will last far beyond this program. This mastermind has given me the confidence, tools, and support I needed to finally make the leap and replace my service-based business income to fully online course income, which continues to grow each month.”

If you’re accepted into the Bold Abundance Mastermind, you also get access to all of Melyssa’s current courses, including…

The Profitable Creator
($997 value)
The Confident Creator
($297 value)

Email List Academy

($497 value)
Pinfinite Growth
($397 value)
Tons of email templates, webinar slide designs, and more! ($997 value)
That’s over $3,000 in bonuses that you’ll snag for free as a member.
Yes, really!
Kate Borsato

Beck Ray

Writer, speaker, and
clinical psychologist

Not your typical mastermind…

In this mastermind, we’re about the BEing just as much as we’re about the DOing. You’ll not only learn how to buildmassively profitable business, you’ll also learn how to be the kind of leader and human who can attract abundance into their life with ease and leave a lasting legacy on this planet.

I’ve personally been in several business masterminds. Every single one has helped me reach new levels of success in my business by teaching tactical strategies to help me scale. Masterminds were often the missing ingredient I needed in my business, which ultimately helped me scale to 7-figures and then multiple 7-figures per year. When I tell you that joining masterminds changed my life, I’m not kidding.

But there is a specific type of lesson that isn’t taught in most business masterminds: how to work through the layers of fears, limiting beliefs, and resistance that are holding you back personally. 

What I desperately needed when I joined masterminds (without even knowing it) was the empowerment and coaching to help me find my own answers, discover my leadership style, and stop seeking external validation and approval.  

What I know now is that when you don’t investigate the mindset behind how you’re running your business, the same patterns continue to show up, whether you’re making 6 figures, 7 figures, or more. There will always be the same flavor of resistance and fear, destined to keep you small and struggling.

Jessica Flint
CEO of Recovery Warriors
“Despite a global pandemic and recession, I’ve brought more money into my bank account than ever before. I’ve also gained a lot of clarity on what I need to focus on next. This, combined with the circle of friends I have made, has been invaluable during a time of such great uncertainty. I’m so grateful for the Bold Abundance Mastermind and all the support, connection, and motivation it gave me. Before I joined, I felt a lot of untapped potential to expand my audience, earning power, and social impact, yet I had a lot of resistance and fear in actually taking the steps to make it happen. Through the community, I not only saw what was possible as other members courageously stepped outside of their comfort zone, I also learned the exact steps I needed to take to level-up.”
Ashley Greeno
Adoption Educator and
Bakery Owner

“The Bold Abundance Mastermind gave me a better understanding of myself on a personal level, as well as access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. I came in expecting business advice, but what I’m most grateful for is the coaching and counselling that helped me grow into a better leader, friend, mom and partner. I feel so much more aligned with myself and my vision for how to grow a business that fits the life I want!”

Cornelia Baum
Coach and Macrame
Shop Owner
“Melyssa and her team are incredible! They approach business with grace, kindness and mindfulness. 2020 being such an a usual year, they all have been leaders and amazing examples to guide us as we navigate our businesses through all of this. I can say that my business is thriving more so because of it. Learning directly from Melyssa truly is priceless.”

And when I talk about how your mindset holds you back in business, I’m referring to experiences like:


Outsourcing your decisions to everyone else by asking, “What would you do?” instead of trusting your own inner guidance and knowledge.


Not going after opportunities because you don’t feel qualified/knowledgeable/worthy enough.

Not investing in your business because you’re afraid of spending too much money.
Shrinking your dreams because you’re terrified of failing (and secretly don’t believe you’re capable or deserving of BIG things).

Overworking yourself because you were raised to believe that you had to “work hard to make money” and that you won’t deserve your success unless you hustle for it.


Not raising your prices because you’re afraid people will stop buying or leave you.


Not showing up consistently online because you have resistance to being “seen.”

Putting off “hiring a team” because you don’t trust that other people will do a good job.
Hiring a team and then feeling like they always drop the ball (yes, if you feel like you’re team is unreliable or untalented, 99% of the time this has more to do with YOU than with them).

Turning down speaking opportunities because you’re afraid of failing.

Zeroing in on the one thing that’s going “wrong” in your business instead of feeling empowered by what’s going “right.”
…Does one of these sound familiar to you? Maybe even all of them?

That’s why I’ve designed my mastermind to cover the business strategy AND the deeper work. Because if you implement a business tactic, but don’t have the mindset to back it up, it’s not going to last. We’re all about a holistic approach to success around these parts.

It also means the connections you develop with the other members will be even deeper because you’ll be expanding and growing together.

Julie Wilhite
Photographer and Educator
Mariah Althoff
Graphic Designer
Meet Your Mastermind Coach,

Melyssa Griffin

My greatest joy comes from showing people like you how to create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

As an online course instructor, coach, speaker, and business strategist, I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs how to start and grow their business.

And as an entrepreneur, I turned my tiny hobby blog into a multi-million dollar empire in just a few years. 

I’ve also reached a place where I can easily step away from my business, and it continues running without my constant attention. (Have I told you about that time I took a six MONTH sabbatical away from my business, and still earned multiple six-figures per month?) 

I used to think there was “one right way” to grow my business – that I had to emulate others who had already “done it” if I wanted to be successful, too.

Turns out, YES, learning strategies from others about how to grow a company is undoubtedly helpful and often pivotal…

…But the next-level growth you’re seeking is only possible when you own who YOU are and how you do things.

And that’s what I want for you: 

…to become the Visionary who sees the possibilities

…who has the unshakeable confidence to make the choices that are most aligned with who you are on a deeper level…

…and who has the foundation, strategy and support to make it all happen

…while simultaneously gifting yourself the freedom to enjoy your life, on your own terms.

Kristen Lee
Designer and Online
Course Creator
“Since joining the mastermind program, I’ve put out 2 courses (with a 3rd in the works) and had over 125 students enroll. Plus, my email list grew by 404%. While the numbers speak for themselves, the biggest transformation I experienced during the program was more self confidence and trust in myself. I know without a doubt, if I wouldn’t have joined the Bold Abundance Mastermind I wouldn’t have the confidence I do today and the progress my business has made over the last 6 months wouldn’t have been remotely close to what it’s been.”
Lauren Spigelmyer
Behavioral Therapist
and Professor

“I am utterly shocked by the growth since February 2020. I went from hiring one person to hiring four. For the first time in the history of the business, I have given up control and perfectionism and it has paid off tenfold. The organization is growing and so am I. I’ve become a better leader through this program. My last note of gratitude is for the group of individuals included in the mastermind. One of my main hopes was to gain friendships and ongoing relationships with like-minded humans. I’ve been struggling for a while to find these people or at least a collective group of them. This mastermind gave me that and I beyond thankful for it!”

Scale your online business with soul. Become an authentic leader. Expand beyond what you think is possible.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level without sacrificing your life and freedom, then fill out the application below. 

If it seems like you’d be a good fit, I’ll reach out to set up a one-on-one interview together, and I’ll answer all your questions and help you decide if this is the best step for you right now.

(Note: Submitting your application does NOT obligate you to join the Mastermind or guarantee you a spot. It’s just the first step in exploring this option for you together. Once you submit your application, you can expect to hear back from my team within a few business days.)